CALLING CARD: Collin Wagner (PK)

Senior place kicker Collin Wagner kicked around a variety of topics get a review of his comments here from FOS.

Collin Wagner booted answers to a variety of questions on special teams, his own progress and range, fellow kicker Anthony Fera, fellow State High alum Alex Kenney and several other topics. Here's a look:

On what he has seen from the special teams unit this preseason:

"We been working on a lot of special teams and we can see how many strong athletes we have. I think all the work will pay off for us this season."

On kickoffs:

"Fera is handling them this year. He has such a strong kicker and has so much power. He is the right choice for the job."

On what this off-season has done for his kicking:

"Last season I really got to sit down and look at my game in depth. I have been focused on extending my range and hitting the ball more crisp. My confidence is a lot better. Spending time in the weight room really paid off too. I think I am a lot stronger."

On the distance he's comfortable with:

"We are taking a lot of mid 40s to 50s (kicks), but I feel comfortable...

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