Veteran Penn State football wide receiver Derek Moye caught a variety of questions this morning. See what he had to say here.

Derek Moye discussed a variety of topics today on his media conference call, from the wide receiver unit, to the young quarterbacks. See what Moye had to say here.

On the quarterback decision:

"I think we can work with two or three QBs and we've worked with all of them and are comfortable with what each of them brings."

On Robert Bolden:

"He's a really smart kid and the offense just clicked for him. Daryll (Clark) told us he thought he would be good last year. He hasn't disappointed."

On each QB:

"They all bring different things to the offense. Bolden and Newsome can both run the ball. Matt is not as mobile, but has a good arm. They all bring something different to the table."

On the WR unit's leadership:

"Brett (Brackett) has stepped up the most which is why he's captain. He's earned it. But we're all helping to bring the young receivers along. We have a lot of young talent around us and they have all done so well."

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