Woodland Hills Adds Top Player From Nevada

Three-star defensive tackle James Price played in the Woodland Hills youth program until seventh grade, when he and his family moved to Nevada. Price was one of the top players in Nevada entering his senior year, but is back to graduate from Woodland Hills, where he started it all off.

Price is steadily working his way in to the Woodland Hills system. At 6-1, 270, he plays guard and defensive tackle for the Wolverines, but is being used more at guard for now, as he learns the system.

"I'm going to start on both sides if I keep working," Price said. "I'm still learning the whole system right now. I‘ll probably start on offense next week, then maybe start defense the following week."

Before moving back to Woodland Hills, Price had an offer from UNLV, and is expected to make it out to UCLA this coming weekend, where he expects to pick up another offer. Though he's originally from the Pittsburgh area, he's not sure if any of the local schools such as Pitt will spark an interest. For now, his mind is set on going back out west.

"Western (United States) is probably where I'll end up," Price said. "Simple fact, I had to leave my mom and all my friends. Sometimes I get a little home sick, go back west.

"There's UNLV, right now. Right now, I have two phones, and I'm getting back in contact with the coaches recruiting me," Price added. "I'm going to UCLA (this weekend). They invited me to a game. That's another waiting out there. That'll be something nice."

Aside from recruiting, Price has enjoyed being back in the Woodland Hills School District, getting reconnected with several friends from his youth days, including his cousin Ejuan and Quinton Jefferson, whom he often talks with about the recruiting process.

"I got to reconnect with a lot of guys I went to school with, about seventy-five percent of the team," Price said. "I hadn't been there for the last five years, but I still enjoyed following the tradition (of Woodland Hills). Ejuan, we grew up together. I talk recruiting a lot with Quinton, and with Lafayette (Pitts) a little bit."

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