Mosley-Smith Gearing For Pitt

After being ruled ineligible by the NCAA the day before Pitt's training camp ended, Khaynin Mosley-Smith has taken everything in stride at Milford, and says everything is on track to get back to Pitt in January.

Khaynin Mosley-Smith has been a big help to Milford Academy. The New York prep school that has been home to other future Panthers as LeSean McCoy and Todd Thomas, is now home to Mosley-Smith for this season, who has made a big impact on the Falcon defense.

"K.K. has been a beast since he's been here," Milford head coach Bill Chaplick said. "He's playing like a (Division) I-A guy. He's been Player of the Week twice. He's a definited I-A guy."

Mosley-Smith had a sack and a safety, helping Milford to a 24-13 win over the St. Francis (PA) JV team on Monday afternoon. He was credited with a safety after the snap went over the head of the St. Francis quarterback. Mosley-Smith was the closest defender on the play. He came off the field disappointed, hoping that he could recover the ball for a touchdown--showing an eagerness to make big plays bigger.

Overall, Mosley-Smith is enjoying getting the most out of being at Milford this fall.

"It's a really great experience," Mosley-Smith said. "They are really turning you into a man. (The school) is really in the middle of nowhere--just playing football and school, trying to get the grades right. I'm just trying to get back to Pittsburgh and be stronger than ever."

Though he looks noticeably trimmer, Mosley-Smith says he's still at 295, but hoping to get trimmer by the time he gets to Pitt in January.

"I'll be back for next semester. I'll be there for spring ball," Mosley-Smith said. "I'm going to keep on trimming down, get a little lower, try to get around 275 or 280. I'm at 295 right now. I'm going to keep trimming, keep working myself.

"I'm mostly (playing) defense up here, staying in shape, keeping my body right, lifting, working hard, trying to get better."

When he enrolls, Mosley-Smith will have freshman eligibility, and will have five years to play four. Despite Pitt's 1-2 start, the former Woodland Hills standout has all the faith in the world that his future team can turn it around.

"They got a chance to bounce back," Mosley-Smith said. "It's a great program. I'm pretty sure they can bounce back. They'll come back strong."

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