Givens Set For Pitt

Andre Givens has made the most of his time at Milford, contributing at defensive back and running the ball. Which position will he play when he comes to Pitt?

Milford head coach Bill Chaplick says the choice is up to Andre Givens, but overall, he has the ability to play either.

"Givens started off slow, but he's come along," Chaplick said. "They gotta get their stories straight. Every week, it's something else. Athletically, he's there. You're not going to have just one position for him."

Givens, though, said after his team's 24-13 win over the St. Francis (PA) JV team on Monday afternoon, that he is thinking offense right now.

"Mainly just running back, I play running back a lot," Givens said. "(Milford) is preparing me for what I have to endure when I'm at Pitt. It's a good program. Coach Chaplick is a great coach. I'm just looking forward to getting back to Pitt.

"It's working out real good. Its given me a chance to get better; get better as a player, as an offensive player--as a running back--and then go to Pitt ready for a chance to play."

Givens said he has followed Pitt this season, and although the team has started off 1-2, he believes they will get things going--especially the running game.

"They're kind of struggling right now, but Dion (Lewis) is going to get back on the right track," Givens said. "Ray (Graham) had a good game against Miami. I'm sure they're going to bounce back. Right now, they're kind of struggling. I'm sure they'll get back on the right track."

Overall, Givens has seen former Milford players LeSean McCoy--who went on to a stellar two-year career at Pitt. He has also seen Todd Thomas make the transition from Milford to Pitt recently. Though he was disappointed that he did not qualify in order to start off at Pitt this year, he looks forward to January, and feels his fall at Milford has got him on track.

"I'm really excited," Givens added. "I worked hard. I just came up a little bit short, but (Milford) is a great experience. The running backs that came here before they went to Pitt did an awesome job. They went to Pitt, and they went real far. I am happy, and I can't wait until January."

As for his individual goals between now and then?

"Probably strength-wise and speed-wise, I want to get a little bit faster, get a little bit stronger in the weight room," Graham said. "I'm going to keep focusing on my grades while I'm here and do what I have to do to play football at Pitt."

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