Hampton Looking Forward To January

Hampton is a 5-11, 227-pound running back that came out of high school hearing from a couple schools known for running the football. After spending this fall at Milford, Hampton is hoping to hear from those same schools.

Milford Academy running back Marcus Hampton came out of Williamstown (NJ) last year, with some interest in Iowa and Pitt. When he didn't qualify academically, he enrolled at Milford, and still likes both Pitt and Iowa.

"Pittsburgh and Iowa," Hampton said. "In high school, I got offered from Iowa and Akron. Pittsburgh was really interested. Right now, I like both Pitt and Iowa."

Though he hasn't had any contact with either staff since getting recruited out of high school, Hampton got a good impression of Pitt's coaching staff and the atmosphere at Pitt, that he would like to revisit.

"I love the coaching staff," Hampton said. "I love the college atmosphere."

"Hampton is still trying to find his way," Milford head coach Bill Chaplick said.

Part of that, is because Hampton played two different roles as a running back in high school. Although he is considered a power-back, he is also looking for a system that would fit him in college.

"I played a wing-T, then I-formation," Hampton said. "I have some background in a couple different formations."

Overall, Hampton has enjoyed his Milford experience, and looks forward to getting another shot at one of his top choices--Pitt or Iowa.

"(Recruiting) starts all over again, because it's like I'm a senior in high school," Hampton added. "I don't have any visits set up.

"(Milford) helps you experience the college life a little bit, all these things. It makes you better, and it gives you a jump at the other freshmen coming in. It gives you a good look."

As far as goals he has for this season?

"I just want to stay healthy and keep my speed up," Hampton said. "I've been working on my speed. I want to stay strong in class, and make sure I get all my work done."

As a senior at Williamstown in 2009, Hampton rushed for 1,093 yards and 25 touchdowns.

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