Rippy Enjoying Interest

McKees Rox (PA) Sto-Rox linebacker Deaysean Rippy has had a lot of visitors at his school this fall. So far, he is taking the interest in stride, and having fun with it.

Last month, in addition to being able to talk to coaches that come through his school, Rippy was named a four-star prospect at linebacker by His team is off to a 4-1 start, and has a great chance to make run deep into the playoffs this year.

"It's going good so far," Rippy said. "I talked to a lot of colleges. I talked to a coach from Florida today. The same old colleges, I keep them updated--Cal, Rutgers, Connecticut, Tennessee, Virginia. There‘s a lot of new ones. It's getting a little crazy, but this time of my senior year, it will be real crazy."

The one thing Rippy finds interesting about the whole process, is the great lengths that coaches have gone to find him.

"One coach came in during lunch, then for my advisor-base period, another one comes in," Rippy said. "They'll hit me up on Facebook. I'm pretty sure plenty have been to the games, too. They've contact my old (head coach Jason Ruscitto) and (current Sto-Rox head) coach (Ron) Butschle. They'll find a way."

When it comes to the local schools, Rippy has heard the most from Pitt, a school that seems to be off to a great start recruiting him.

"Penn State, I don't hear much from, Pitt I hear a lot from; they're one of those schools that love me," Rippy said. "West Virginia, I don't really hear much from. When two or four or five schools don't talk to you--and that's always the case--I'm not really worried about it. Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida, Ohio State--all the big, major schools I've heard from. I'm not worried about the other ones (he hasn't heard from)."

Rippy elaborated on his relationship with Pitt, so far. He was at Pitt's first two home games; New Hampshire and Miami.

"Coach (Greg) Gattuso is me recruiting coach, but I also hear from coach (Bernard) Clark, the linebackers coach," Rippy said. "I have a good bond with all coaches down there. Player-wise, I know my cousin (Drew Carswell), and Max Gruder. I pretty much keep it simple with the linebacker corps.

"It's fun to interact with college players, at that next level. Since its somewhere you'll be playing at in the next couple years, you want to know how college is, and how it's different from high school."

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