Carroo Enjoying Strong Junior Campaign

Carroo has five touchdown receptions on the season, helping Ironmen to a 5-0 start. The 6-2, 200-pound receiver has some early interest from a few prominent programs in the East.

Leonte Carroo, playing for an esteemed program such as Don Bosco, seems to be having an easy time getting his name out there. Naturally, with Bosco's reputation, it increases his chances of getting his name out there. Playing for a team that travels out-of-state to play top level competition from anywhere, comes with a price.

"It takes a lot to play at Bosco," Carroo said. "You have to really love the game of football. The coaches work us hard, but there isn't anywhere else in the world I'd rather be. It's football, 24-7. I spend most of my time at Bosco."

It's no wonder that many players who leave Bosco adjust to the college game so well--not as much the ability to play at the next level, as much as it is adjusting to the practice and workout routine, while maintaining academics at the same time.

Carroo has picked up interest from three schools so far--Boston College, Rutgers at Pitt. Two of Carroo's former teammates are already at Pitt, in defensive end Bryan Murphy and center Brandon Sacco. Sacco is an integral part of Pitt's offensive line, going forward. Despite a broken foot in training camp, there's still a chance Murphy will see the field this year. Quarterback Gary Nova is a 2011 commit for the Panthers.

Three weeks ago, the Ironmen traveled to nearby Steubenville, Ohio for an out-of-state contest with Cleveland (OH) St. Ignatius. On the trip out, Carroo passed through Pittsburgh.

"I heard form Sacco and Murphy, they say it‘s definitely a great school," Carroo said. "Gary says it's great. When we went to St. Ignatius, I passed through there; the city of Pittsburgh. I talked to (secondary) coach (Jeff) Hafley a lot. He's a pretty nice guy, a pretty good coach. It sounds like a good experience at Pitt."

Though he's gotten a pretty good impression of the school so far, he hasn't set foot on the campus yet, though he plans too. It might not be easy for awhile, with four regular season games remaining, before playoffs kick in.

"Truthfully, I don't know much about Pitt," Carroo added. "I haven't been on a visit. I saw the University; I rode through Pittsburgh. Between Gary, Sacco and Murph, and (walk-on corner Joseph) Lopez, they tell me a lot about Pitt. Me and Gary are real close. We talk about it all the time."

Carroo was at the Rutgers-Army game last weekend, and has been to Boston College twice for camps.

"I just came back from the Rutgers game, and it was really nice," Carroo said. "I got to go on the field and everything. It was my first time (at the new Giants Stadium). It was great, real nice."

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