Commits React To Rutgers Win

Quinton Alston, Desimon Green, Ben Kline offer thoughts on Pitt's win Saturday. Alston and Kline were up early Saturday morning, driving across the state to make it on time for kickoff.

Quinton Alston
"It was a great experience, and a great win. I was glad I got to be there. I got to meet Greg Romeus. I got to see a lot of the coaches again. I had a lot of fun.

"I talked to everybody. It was me, Kyshoen Jarrett, Terrell Chestnut, Desi Green, Artie Rowell and Ben Kline."

Desimon Green
"It was real big. I was shocked how much they beat them by. Every team is so improved. It was a good one. I pretty much knew everybody that was there. It was real laid back."

Ben Kline
"It was a lot of fun. Obviously, it was a great win. It was cool to be there for it. It was a really good game. It was nice to pull one out and keep it rolling in the Big East."

"I hung out with Artie (Rowell) a lot. Me and him are pretty good friends. I got to talk to a lot of the coaches. I got to talk to Tino (Sunseri) too. I talked with a couple of the linebackers, and I talked to coach (Bernard) Clark before the game. It was fun.

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