Anderson Recaps Pitt Trip

With one lineman commit for 2011, the Pitt coaching staff is showing a lot of attention to the 2012 lineman class. Kent (OH) Roosevelt's Ryan Anderson is just one example.

Ryan Anderson came in for the Florida International game earlier this year, and was back for Saturday's Pitt game with Louisville. The 6-4, 300-pound prospect claims a verbal offer from the Panthers, and said on his visit to Saturday's game, that he could feel the attention.

"It was the same as last time--excited to be there," Anderson said. "They treated me nice. They gave me attention, which was pretty nice. The game--it wasn't very exciting offensively--not many big plays. I do like how Pitt tries to establish the run, which is what I like to do."

Offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti is Anderson's chief recruiter, but he was also able to touch base with offensive line coach Tony Wise, as well as head coach Dave Wannstedt.

"They still seem to really like me, which I appreciate," Anderson said. "Everything that was there, was positive. It's a consistent thing. They're not going to be positive one time, then back off. It's consistent.

"(Cignetti) recruits my area. He was the first one I had contact with. It was a lot of him."

When he had a chance to talk to Wise, very little of it was about offensive line play. Wise was just selling him on Pitt, or asking about Anderson's season.

"We didn't really talk linemen stuff," Anderson said. "By the time he got over to me, it was right before the game. He asked me if I won the night before, and he asked how everything is going. He said he was excited for me to be here."

Anderson's team won on Friday night, 55-0, clinching the eighth seed for playoffs.

Anderson said he will be back to Pitt for a third time this season; the Backyard Brawl against West Virginia on November 26. He will head to Notre Dame-Utah this weekend, and Michigan-Wisconsin the following weekend. With both Pittsburgh and Columbus less than two hours from his home, Anderson will make both the Pitt-West Virginia game and Michigan-Ohio State games on consecutive days.

While in Pittsburgh this past Saturday, he got a pretty good impression of how intense the Pitt-West Virginia rivalry is.

"I'm going to be so tired that day (the day of Michigan-Ohio State)," Anderson said, referring to his heavy travel schedule this month. "I talked to some of the guys on the shuttle (to the Pitt game). They just talked about how even though it's on a holiday--kids will be gone, but kids will be back for that game. It's one of the craziest games they've ever been to."

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