2012 Prospect Watch : Dan Moody

Warren (OH) Howland is 12-0, and opened the playoffs with a victory this past weekend, with Moody playing a big role on both sides of the ball.

Warren (OH) Howland opened playoffs this past Friday with a 17-0 win over Copley. As just an example of what Moody means to the offensive line, the Tigers lost its starting running back to an injury in the first quarter. The backup--because of the physical style of football employed at Howland--rushed for 115 yards in the first half, including a touchdown run, which was all the scoring Howland needed.

"Dan Moody is a great football player," Howland head coach Dick Angle said. "He's one of the two guys who can play both ways for us; as a defensive tackle and a tight end. He's very athletic. He's one of the reasons why we are 30-1 for the last three years."

Moody was at Pitt's win over Louisville last week. Angle said the number of schools that have called in or invited Moody to games has been plentiful.

"(Pitt) invited him down for a game, he went down to check out the University," Angle said. "He has some interest. He's been to Penn State. He's starting to look around. Stanford has sent him letters. Northwestern has been in here; we've sent a couple guys to Northwestern. Vanderbilt, Duke and all the MAC schools have contacted us."

Moody--for now--is 6-3½ , 235 pounds. His primary spot at tight end, but Angle is gradually working on him as a center. He believes that's where Moody will project in college.

"We think he'll be moved to center before it's all over," Angle said. "He's an outstanding center. He's got a growth spurt. He's got two brothers that were both 6-3 in high school, and are both 6-6 now. He's going to get bigger.

"Danny is going to be a tremendous center. He‘s very athletic and can do it. He is also playing very well on defense. He's very versatile, and he's not done growing. He has two brothers who are over 6-6."

In addition to his athletic accomplishments, Moody is ranked first in his class.

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