2012 Combo Forward Stefan Jankovic

Stefan Jankovic is a 6-10 combo forward for The Kiski School. At 6-10, and based on his tall and lanky frame, Jankovic might look like a straight up big man.

However, Jankovic is much more than that for the Cougars. He plays the small and power forward positions, where he's currently averaging 16 points, eight rebounds, five assists and four blocks a game. He can also shoot the three, and defend either forward position.

"I'm a four, three wing almost," Jankovic said. "I'll go down to the post too; like a hybrid."

A native of Toronto, Ontario, Jankovic is adjusting to the American style of basketball pretty well.

"They play good, they have good coaching and everything," Jankovic said of the Canadian style of basketball. "Sometimes, they're too aggressive though. It's different. Referees are different. They hack a lot, but you get used to it. It's basketball. (Both United States and Canada) are structured, though."

Now at Kiski, Jankovic is a starting forward for a team that is competing on a national level. Last weekend, Kiski hosted the 2010 National Prep Tip-Off Basketball Tournament. This coming weekend, they are off to Connecticut for the National Prep Showcase, where 2012 Pitt commit Khem Birch is expected to be.

"You have to play the best teams possible," Jankovic said. "Playing them gives us experience, so when you get to college, you're playing against the best competition. It gets me prepared big time this year."

Speaking of that big time, Jankovic has heard from an impressive list of schools so far.

"So far, it's been Wake Forest, Syracuse, West Virginia, Pitt, Duquesne, Rice, Kent State," Jankovic said. "UNC I'm starting to hear from. Right now, my top would be Wake Forest, Syracuse, West Virginia, Pitt."

Jankovic has already been to a Pitt practice and a Pitt game. If he can fit it in with his busy game schedule this year, he'd like to get back for another game.

"It's been good," Jankovic said of Pitt. "We went down to practice. We got to see the school a little bit. We went down to watch a game. It's great. It has great people. I love the city, especially with where we are. We're kind of out (from the city). We all have to stick together. There's not much around, so you have to go down to the city."

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