Younger Bhullar Attracts Interest As A Soph

Sophomore center has good post moves, but also not afraid to shoot the three.

One of the things that sophomore center Tanveer Bhullar likes about playing at a competitive prep school such as Kiski Prep, is the level of competition he gets to face every day. Though there's still some growing pains, from just last season to this season, he can tell a difference in his game because of better competition.

"This year's schedule is a bit upgraded from last year's schedule," Bhullar said. "Last year, we had 25 games, and none of the teams were nationally-ranked. This year, we have 44 games, and most of the teams are ranked."

Two weeks ago, Bhullar's Kiski Prep played host to an eight-team National Prep Tip-Off Tournament. Last weekend, his team traveled to the National Prep Showcase in New Haven, Connecticut.

"It's kind of the fun of it," Bhullar said. "We're allowed to go wherever we want to go play a team. It makes it a lot easier. I'm younger, so I still have three years. Whatever competition I face now in the future, is going to help me a lot in the future. It's going to develop me a lot when I'm a senior, and it's going to be easier for me to pick a school."

The benefits of playing such a schedule are the number of schools that have been in contact with his Kiski head coach Daryn Freedman, as well as a number of others that have noticed him at some of the tournaments his team has traveled to.

"I have a lot of interest right now," Bhullar said. "I don't know all the schools off the top of my head. There's a lot of coaches that come out for practices and during AAU season. There's like ten coaches at each game. Sometimes when there's a school that I like, I'm like, 'Wow, they're here.'"

One of those schools is Pittsburgh, less than an hour away from his school.

"Pitt has been by a couple of times," Bhullar said. "They've watched me play, and they've watched my practices. I watch them play a lot. I think we're going to one of their games this year."

Despite having a lot of experience and exposure in just his second year at Kiski, Bhullar--while recognizing his strengths--still finds other areas of his game to work on.

"Most of my strengths are my post moves," Bhullar said. "I have a 15- to 17-foot shot. I think I need to work more on my ball-handling and my concentration on the court; being in tune with the game.

"It's a big mismatch, though. I can post low, or when I'm posting up I can just step out and shoot a three."

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