Kiski Sophomore Guard Picking Up Interest

Kiski School has a number of players, including 7-4 and 7-3 centers Sim and Tanveer Bhulllar. They also have a talented crew of other sophomores, like guard Corey Stanford.

As a bit of a newcomer to the Kiski School, guard Corey Stanford said it took some getting used to, when facing a much tougher schedule of competition from his old high school, not far from where he's at now.

"The schedule is a lot more competitive," Stanford said. "You're seeing a lot more competition than Penn-Trafford. It's a lot bigger, and it's good. I like it. It's going to better me as a player, and hopefully get me to that next level.

"At first, there was an adjustment. It was kind of hard. I wasn't used to this level of competition. Everybody is bigger, faster and stronger. I had some catching up to do, but now I'm getting the hang of things, and playing into my own."

Every now and then, if he sees a college coach at his school, it catches him off guard. As more come through, he gets used to it.

"It's different," Stanford said. "I'm not used to seeing college coaches in the gym, especially Division I, coming around. Bob Huggins is in practice one day. It's kind of nerve-wracking, but it's kind of cool at the same time. Bob Huggins, I was real excited. I'm nervous, but it was nice."

Pitt is another school that has been by, since they are less than an hour drive from the Kiski School.

"Pittsburgh has been here a couple times, maybe three or four," Stanford said. "It's nice. I like Pitt. I haven't gotten to know (the coaching staff) that well yet. I've heard a little bit from Detroit too."

Though Stanford has picked up some early interest as a sophomore, and though he is still adjusting himself to the level of competition, he is finding ways to work on his game as well.

"I want to improve my ball-handling and being more consistent as a shooter," Stanford said. "I think some of my strengths are going to the basket easy and I'm a good rebounder. I need to work on my defense a little more. That will come in time. I'm 15, and I'm playing against a lot of older players. It's a big adjustment. I'm getting used to it. My game is starting to pick up more."

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