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Close to 100 recruits attended Friday's Backyard Brawl--many traveling from out of state; from Maryland, Ohio, New Jersey, as well as a number of recruits from eastern PA.

How much did Friday's loss affect the impression on some of the Pitt recruits? Sure, it was obvious that the Panthers didn't play well, but a lot of the recruits attribute it to just having a bad day.

For some, like 2012 offensive lineman Chris Muller from Boyertown, PA, there's still good reason to keep Pitt around as one of the top choices.

"The score didn't reflect how Pitt plays," Muller said. "They were always one play short. If Pitt would have made a few more plays, the game would have been different. It should have been a good game. They were just off."

Rob Dvoracek left his Allentown home at 4 am to come in for the game. He said something along the same lines.

"I don't think it turns me off," Dvoracek said. "You're not going to win every game, obviously. I don't think it's going to affect me. I know Pitt is a good program; a real good schook. They've been good for awhile. One year, or even one game doesn't affect my decision."

Check out our photo gallery from Friday:

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