Dvoracek Checks Out Pitt

Dvoracek camped at Pitt over the summer, and made it to Pittsburgh for his first Pitt game against West Virginia. Despite the outcome of the game, Pitt is a school Dvoracek is going to keep tabs on.

It's still up for judgment on which position the 6-1, 215-pound Rob Dvoracek can play in college. Though he's capable of playing either linebacker or fullback at this point, he's leaning more towards playing fullback these days.

Pitt's current fullback is a former player from eastern Pennsylvania, Henry Hynoski, who hails from Southern Columbia High School. When he came in for the Pitt-West Virginia game, Dvoracek paid close attention to how the Panthers use the position.

"I didn't really know much about Hynoski; (Pitt) thought I played like him, a hard-nose player," Dvoracek said. "I definitely paid attention to that, watched how he played, and related it to me. He gets after it."

One of the things Pitt has going for it, is that in a day of spread offenses dominating the face of college football, Pitt is one of the few teams who employs a fullback, let alone one who tries to get the fullback involved in carrying the ball. That's another factor Dvoracek likes.

"I definitely like the way they use the fullback in their offense," Dvoracek said. "They don't always run the ball, but you do get to come through with a big block. That's what everyone else is doing."

As far as making the Pitt trip, Dvoracek got an early start on Friday morning. While most people were heading to the malls on Friday to get a jump start on their Christmas shopping, Dvoracek was getting a jump start on his trip to Pittsburgh.

"That was my first time coming down," Dvoracek said. "I came down one other time for camp. I didn't get a chance to see campus. We came down in the morning. We just got up at four (in the morning) and left. It was a long ride, but we came down and stayed overnight."

Despite the loss, Dvoracek found a couple factors that defined the program a little. One, was obviously how the players handled defeat.

"I think it definitely shows what kind of players they are," Dvoracek said. "They're not sitting there laughing. They were definitely worried about the loss. They were already thinking ahead; just get better from it. It definitely shows what the coaches act like after a game, and what players' reaction. When you win, everyone's happy and that's what you expect."

Did the loss turn him off from Pitt?

"I don't think it turns me off," Dvoracek. "You're not going to win every game, obviously. I know Pitt is a good program, and a real good school. They've been good for awhile. One year, one game doesn't affect my decision.

"I definitely liked it, and I definitely want to get out there again; talk to the school, talk to the coaches more. I definitely liked it for my first time being there. I was definitely impressed."

In fact, Dvoracek is planning to get back to Pitt at some point, possibly for Junior Day this winter. Maryland is another Junior Day he's possibly looking at.

"I definitely want to go to (a Junior Day)," Dvoracek said. "I'm going to try to go to Pitt camp again. I was at linebacker in the beginning for first part. I wasn't sure if I should do linebacker or fullback. I did both, just to see how it was."

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