Belton Wraps Up Brilliant Career

Though his Winslow Township team got knocked out of the playoffs a week earlier, Pitt commit Bill Belton got to close out his career, in an annual Thanksgiving Day game.

This year, Winslow Township's annual game with Eastern was not played on Thanksgiving Day. Instead, it was played on Thanksgiving Eve. The tradition of Winslow and Eastern started when both schools needed to play each other to get into the playoffs. Now, it's just an added Thanksgiving Day game that has become an annual tradition.

"Every year, we need to beat them to get into the playoffs," Belton said. "Since my freshman year, we've been playing. It's so important to come out on the winning end. It's become a rivalry, and a game that had a big meaning behind it."

This year's result was a 27-7 win for Winslow. In the process, Belton completed 11-of-13 passes for 200 yards, and rushed 15 times for 83 yards. The 83 yards was enough to put him past the 1,000-yard rushing mark for the season; the first quarterback in the history of Winslow Township to do so.

There's some consolation to ending the season on a win like this, but Belton would rather end his season winning a championship.

"No doubt, it's a great way to go out," Belton said. "Obviously, you want to win a championship, but (the win over Eastern) helps a lot. It takes your mind off that (playoff) loss. It definitely ends your high school career in a great way."

It's on to Pitt for Belton, who says Pitt fans shouldn't take last Friday's loss to West Virginia too hard.

"Seeing a game like that, who wouldn't be disappointed," Belton said. "There were a few mistakes, and the other team took advantage. Pitt fans shouldn't be down on that. They're going to finish out strong and keep fighting."

"Our (2011 recruiting) class is a great class with a lot of great players. Basically, we're all keeping in touch. We're all looking forward to getting up there, and going out there and making plays. That's really exciting."

Belton is expecting to make his official visit to Pitt in January, but he has not set that date in stone.

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