Sources: Pitt Meeting With Haywood

Coaching changes are always fluid situations that change hour to hour. We hear so many rumors and stories that no one knows what are true and what isn't. Here is the latest that we have heard.

Many names have been bantered about in newspapers, news reports, internet message boards and blogs some serious Dana Holgorsen, Al Golden clear to the fictional characters like Paul Pasqualoni. Mike Haywood has also been rumored to be on the short list and according to our sources it may be more than a rumor.

"Sources close to the Miami program have informed, that Miami (Ohio) Head Coach Mike Haywood is in meetings with Pittsburgh Chancellor Mark Nordenberg and Athletic Director Steve Pederson this evening. Those meetings are expected to carry over into tomorrow. Our source says there is a good chance that Haywood could be offered the head coaching job at Pittsburgh, and is expected to accept the offer if it is extended."

As is the case with most coaching searches if Haywood is not offered or rejects the offer we expect to hear that he wasn't considered or interviewed and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette beat writer Paul Zeise had the best examples I have seen in a recent blog entry as to why this takes place. Zeise has been taking a beating by fans, but I can assure you, Zeise gets as much if not more information than any of the beat writers, he is just doing his job and reporting it as it happens.

We can't say for sure that Haywood is going to be the guy who replaces Dave Wannstedt, but according to what we are told it is looking like he is the leader right now. We were also informed that he turned down interviews for the West Virginia Offensive Coordinator/Coach in Waiting position and the head job at Vanderbilt. We were told that he wants the Pitt job, so it would make sense if he were turning down other opportunities it was for a good reason. Stay tuned to see how this plays out.

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