Haywood Says Goodbye To Players

The soon to be hired head football coach at Pittsburgh met with his current Miami (Ohio) team on Wednesday night and informed them of his future plans.

In what was described as a fairly emotional farewell address with his current and son to be former team Mike Haywood was sporting a blue and gold tie as he told his Redhawks that he was indeed accepting the position of head football coach at the University of Pittsburgh. Haywood will likely be announced by the University of Pittsburgh on Thursday. ESPN has reported that Haywood has agreed to a five year contract.

Haywood also told players that he would not be coaching the team in the Godaddy.com Bowl on January 6th. Some of the players were shocked, but a large portion of them had already heard the news via the media. Most it seemed had expected their coach to leave if he found the right fit and it seemed like Pitt was it.

The next few weeks will be critical for Haywood as he tries to access the current staff and players, along with making his hires to form his staff. The new staff will then have to try and do some damage control that has already seen the process tear away at a  strong recruiting class. One player told us that Haywood will surprise the people of Pittsburgh.

"Coach Haywood will do great things at Pitt," a Miami (Ohio) player stated. "He is intense, but anyone on this team will lay it down for the man. It's an emotional time for us, we're proud of him and the opportunity he has, but it's like we lost our leader. He was like a father figure for a lot of us."

Defensive backs coach Lance Guidry is expected to be named the interim coach at Miami (Ohio) and will coach the Redhawks in their bowl game.

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