2013's Noah Vonleh Claims Pitt offer

Noah Vonleh, as only a sophomore, is already attracting some big interest including a couple of Big East schools.

Noah Vonleh is only a sophomore, but he's already getting some big-time looks. According to his AAU coach, Vin Pastore--head coach of the Massachusetts Rivals--schools like Boston College and Pitt have offered. Syracuse has also come in.

Vonleh is a young sophomore, at 15 years, five months of age according to Pastore. What's bringing in a lot of interest at this early point of his career, is his versatility. At 6-7, 200, Vonleh plays all five positions for the Rivals. For his high school team, Haverhill High School (MA), the 6-7 Vonleh is a point guard.

"He's got a size seventeen shoe, catcher's mitts for hands, a seven-foot wingspan; he's off the charts on everything," Pastore said. "His handle is off the charts. His size, athleticism, he's got everything."

Being able to play five positions, Vonleh can do many things well. Eventually, his coach says, he will end up as a three.

"He projects as a three; he puts the ball on the floor so good, you want the ball in his hands," Pastore said. "He passes and creates. He really is that good with his hands; that's his biggest strength. His handle is an absolute weapon at this point of his career. There have been a lot of great players to come out of this area over the last ten years. Many people are saying he could be the best one.

"He's that good. It's uncommon to get this type of interest this early. Jim Boeheim was up to see him. Boston College was all over him; Boston College and Pitt offered him a scholarship."

At such a young age, Pastore said that while a big body, Vonleh is still developing and is not done growing into his frame yet.

"He's 6-7, 200, maybe a little over, yet he looks more, than that," Pastore said. "He looks 230. His body is big, but he's still young. He‘s got one of those thick bodies."

Pastore has known Pitt assistant Pat Skerry for quite awhile, and thinks if his star sophomore were to choose Pitt, he would fit in well because of the many things he can do well.

"I think we know about Pittsburgh, they're very extremely well coached," Pastore said. "They're very physical. That's their style of play. (Jamie Dixon's) kids win. Winning is engrained, because it's Pittsburgh. He's got a reputation of being able to pick up top-notch kids and getting them to play hard. I think most people that love basketball, love (Dixon's) style. He demands so much out of his kids.

"(Vonleh's) biggest strength defensively is that he's long. He can cover a number of positions. Obviously, he hasn't reached his full athletic potential because of his age. He's going to be able to cover everyone; positions all over the floor, all over the court. He's not done growing."

For Pitt fans who are still getting to know Skerry, Pastore closed with this ringing endorsement of how active Skerry has been in recruiting for Pitt, since he came to the school in May.

"I've known Pat since he was a young kid, we're a town apart," Pastore said. "I think simply put with Pat, he outworks everybody. He's earned that reputation of outworking people, and outworking people by showing up. He shows his face more than anybody else, as much as I've seen in the northeast. Besides outworking people, he's very likeable. Coaches like dealing with him, the kids love him. We love him up here."

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