Demhasaj Is A Panther

Just two days into the Todd Graham era, the Panthers reeled in a much-needed offensive lineman.

Through Pitt's coaching changes--from Dave Wannstedt to Michael Haywood to now Todd Graham--Zenel Demhasaj was interested in the Panthers all along. Demhasaj knew he wanted to play in the Big East. He also knew when he spoke with head coach Todd Graham and offensive coordinator Calvin Magee, that he wanted to be a Panther.

"I'm actually going there on Tuesday," Demhasaj said.

Then, he clarified. He wasn't going to Pitt for an unofficial visit. He was going to Pitt to enroll and officially be a Panther.

"I'm going there officially," Demhasaj said. "I'm committed there."

Graham and Magee initially reached out to Demhasaj to let them know they were interested. Demhasaj outdid them by letting them know how interested he was in coming to Pitt.

"I've been waiting, waiting and waiting, finally waited this whole time, and I really wanted to go to Pitt," Demhasaj said. "I said, ‘Coach, I want to let people know I'm going to Pitt.'"

Demhasaj will come to Pittsburgh on Tuesday, and will be at Pitt to start classes.

"It all came out of nowhere, they wanted me to come down on Thursday, but we had a big snow storm," Demhasaj said. "I have to get all my stuff ready, Tuesday I'll just come in."

Demhasaj said that both Graham and Magee are open to what position he might play on the line. Both coaches feel he can play in Pitt's fast-paced offense they plan to employ. At the same time, Demhasaj feels it's the right type of offense for him.

"I was used to it (in junior college)," Demhasaj said. "The coaches like me because my feet are quick. I move like Mohammed Ali. They were excited. I'm excited too, to go to a school already."

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