Bryson Talks With New Staff

Pitt head coach Todd Graham and offensive coordinator Calvin Magee reached out to running back commit Jeremiah Bryson to make sure he's still on board with Pitt.

When Jeremiah Bryson was contacted by new head coach Todd Graham and offensive coordinator Calvin Magee, Bryson got more excited about his initial commitment to Pitt.

"I'm still committed," Bryson said, first off. "I got a chance to talk to (Graham and Magee) (Tuesday) night. They are real nice guys. They were telling me about the offense. It's what my high school runs.

"It is a little bit (similar), but I still have to learn a lot of stuff. I won't be too lost. That's pretty good to know it's the same offense you just came out of. It's not much of a change."

In fact, the coaches stressed to him that he's more of a necessity than he was before, with some of the recent changes in terms of depth.

"They were telling me about two running backs who transferred (Chris Burns, T.J. Peeler)," Bryson said. "One running back decommitted (Jameel Poteat), so there's a chance for me to play early."

Graham also made reference to Demaris Johnson, a player of his at Tulsa, who set the new NCAA career-mark for career all-purpose yards this past season for the Golden Hurricane.

"They seem like they have a lot of energy; cracking jokes all the time," Bryson said. "They seem like cool coaches. Coach (Graham), he seems like he's going to be there for awhile. Hopefully everything falls in place and everything works out."

Graham said in his introductory press conference on Tuesday that the toughest part for the returning Pitt players adjusting to his new system--on both sides of the ball--would be the conditioning. At the same time, the conditioning would also be most helpful. Playing in a similar system in high school, Bryson can vouch for that.

"You've got to be conditioned," Bryson said. "You're giving the defense less time to substitute, whether you're doing or not doing anything. You're already the offense, so you're either ready or you're ready. When you get the play from the sidelines, it keeps the defense on their toes."

Bryson was initially set to visit Pitt this weekend, but with the new hiring, all visits have been pushed back. Bryson will now visit Pitt on January 28.

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