Carrington Talks About Decision

Lloyd Carrington had a feeling, after picking up an offer from Pitt last week, that he was going to like Pitt. When he saw the place firsthand, it didn't take him too long to decide that it was the place for him.

Last week, Dallas (TX) Lincoln cornerback Lloyd Carrington liked what he had learned about Pittsburgh from its new coaching staff. Mike Norvell began recruiting Carrington, offered him, and convinced him to come in to Pittsburgh for an official visit.

Carrington built up a lot of enthusiasm about his visit. All he needed was to see the place. His excitement heading into the visit, combined with what he saw while he was there, convinced him that Pitt was the place for him.

"It feels good," Carrington said of committing. "I got to see the facilities. The coaches were really excited (when he committed). They wanted me really bad. I'm just happy. Everybody's happy."

Carrington, who also said that his family shared the same enthusiasm, made the trip on his own and was hosted by freshman cornerback Brandon Ifill. Ifill helped give him the tour, and gave him a better perspective from the player side of things.

"We went out, we had a good time, we went to see Heinz Field," Carrington said. "I got to see the Steeler facilities. We did all that. I was impressed with all of that.

"The academics, it's a great school of academics. Their football facilities are good. I was already expecting something pretty big, and I just liked it a lot."

In fact, Heinz Field sounds like a popular choice of a lot of the players, in terms of what they liked most about the visit.

"Yeah, going to see Heinz Field (was the best)," Carrington said. "Just seeing it up there, seeing the big stage, that was exciting. They had a highlight video on, and had it amped up. It was very exciting to see where I'll be playing in the future."

Carrington also got well-acquainted with the other members of his incoming recruiting class, many of whom have committed over the last couple of days.

"This Class of 2011 is going to be pretty good, very talented," Carrington said. "There was a safety there who committed, he comes from a big family; Steve (Williams). He's from Savannah, Georgia."

In addition to all the other excitement surrounding his visit, Carrington added that the January in Pittsburgh hardly bothered him.

"It wasn't really that cold to me," Carrington said. "It gets this cold in Texas. It didn't really bother me. I'm eager to feel what this weather feels like during a game."

Carrington will sign his letter of intent early Wednesday morning. He is unsure of a time right now.

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