Williams Expands On Pitt Commitment

One of the areas senior associate head coach Paul Randolph talked about getting into, the day he was hired, was Georgia. Over the weekend, Pitt got a talented safety prospect out of Savannah.

Things happened pretty quickly with Stephen Williams in coming to Pitt. Senior associate head coach Paul Randolph got in touch with Williams right after he was hired at Pitt. Williams didn't have a Pitt offer right away, but Randolph convinced him to come to campus for an official visit.

"It was during the visit (that the offer was received)," Williams said. "I really didn't know anything (about Pitt). I just knew about the school's academics."

Williams said the offer was kind of a surprise.

"I was excited," Williams added. "They didn't tell me they were going to offer, but once they did, I knew I was going to take it."

Shane Johnson, a freshman offensive lineman, was Williams' host this past weekend. On his visit, Williams got to see the Cathedral of Learning, as well as Heinz Field.

"We hung out with a lot of the players," Williams said. "I got a look at Heinz Field; there was a lot of good stuff. Heinz Field, that was crazy, though. I hung out with Lloyd Carrington, Jeremiah Bryson and Brandon Bender."

One of the things that Williams noticed about Pittsburgh, was that it reminded him of Savannah a little bit. The Savannah Rivers runs along the downtown area, with the Talmadge Memorial Bridge as a city landmark, similar to the many bridges in Pittsburgh. The city also has a reputation as an industrial city, similar to Pittsburgh.

"I feel like it's about the same, it just won't get as hot (in the summer)," Williams said. "That's probably the only thing (different)."

As for the Pitt coaching staff's reaction to Williams committing?

"They were all excited," Williams said. "They were all showing excitement, which I'm ready for. It's a good program that is serious about winning a national championship."

As a senior, Williams rushed for 1,691 yards on the ground with 22 touchdowns. He caught 16 passes for 400 yards and five touchdowns. On defense, he finished with 68 tackles, two interceptions and two forced fumbles.

"I guess I like to hit," Williams said, in reference to the two forced fumbles. "That's my main thing. College and high school are two different levels. In college, you get hit a lot harder, and I love to be the one doing it."

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