Grigsby Cites Multiple Factors Choosing Pitt

Nicholas Grigsby is not just one of the top linebackers in the state of Ohio. He's one of the top players in Ohio overall, and he's excited about his decision to come to Pitt.

In talking with Trotwood-Madison (OH) linebacker Nicholas Grigsby about his recent commitment to Pitt, he cited numerous factors. The first thing that came into play was Pitt tight ends coach Tony Dews. Dews recruited Grigsby while he was an assistant at Michigan, then picked up his recruiting efforts where he left off, after being added to Todd Graham's staff at Pitt.

"It was everything, from the first day Coach Dews talked to me and everything, getting to know me and my background, to going on the visit, to the nice facilities they had," Grigsby said. "All the coaches are cool. They're not like all dull coaches. They said it was nice to have me there."

Dews was a significant factor in his commitment.

"He came in and watched me practice one time," Grigsby said. "As soon as I got to talking to him, he said that he was similar to me when he was younger. He likes to laugh. He's not uptight, but he's a business man when it comes time to work. I have to come in ready to work."

Grigsby also cited Pitt head coach Todd Graham, co-defensive coordinator/linebackers coach Keith Patterson and senior associate head coach Paul Randolph as influential factors in his decision.

"They were all cool, they were real people," Grigsby said. "They make you laugh. They don't have boring conversations like a lot of coaches do. They're good at presenting themselves as good people. That was about it. What they sold me was truthful. I can be very comfortable with them coaching me."

For as much as he liked the Pitt coaches, that wasn't the best part of his official visit to Pittsburgh this past weekend.

"My favorite part was the three meals a day," Grigsby added. "It was good hanging around all the players, and asking them what they thought. I asked the returning players why they didn't leave after the coaching change. They were real excited about the stuff coming in, and what this coaching staff is about to bring in."

Carl Fleming served as Grigsby's host for the weekend. Grigsby also commented on getting to see a Pitt jersey with his name on it, as well as talking about Pitt's defensive scheme with the coaching staff.

"I was real excited when they told me I could have my high school number, number three," Grigsby said. "They had those Nike Combat uniforms. Those are pretty sweet. I also asked them about Heinz Field—whether it would be a few thousand people in there. They said it would be pretty packed.

"I'm real excited, they plan on running a 4-3, and a 3-4, sometimes even with five linebackers on the field. They want me to be on the outside, going to get the quarterback. They also said I could play inside in a 3-4, still blitzing. I'm real excited about that."

Grigsby finished with over 160 tackles this past season, five sacks, an interception, two touchdowns on defense and three forced fumbles. He also earned first-team all-state honors in Ohio.

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