Taylor To Undergo MRI

Jamie Dixon said Dante Taylor banged his knee in practice Thursday, and is scheduled for an MRI. Dixon said it's a precautionary measure, and does not expecte Taylor to miss significant time.

Pitt 6-9 sophomore Dante Taylor is scheduled for an MRI, after what Pitt head coach Jamie Dixon described as Taylor banging knees with another player in practice Thursday.

"He got it banged up (in practice), we're going to check it out and give it an MRI," Dixon said. "We don't think it's too serious, but we're going to get it checked out. The knee is involved. It kept him out of practice the last couple of days."

Dixon said he had become a little concerned with Taylor's movement in recent games and practices, but doesn't think this is something that would prolong Taylor to miss more than a fair amount of time.

"He started out practice (Thursday), then kind of banged knees," Dixon said. "We don't think it's anything serious. He went down and didn't continue to practice. I kept him out of practice on Tuesday. He wanted to practice, but I felt it was a way of getting a couple extra days (rest) for him. He just doesn't seem to be moving the way he was earlier in the year." As far as Dixon knows, this isn't something that Taylor aggravated, or reaggravated at any point this season.

"Those type of things arer very common among basketball players," Dixon said. "He banged knees, which furthered it."

Taylor has appeared in all 22 games this season, averaging 15.5 minutes a game, with 4.7 rebounds a game. Typically, if Travon Woodall is not the first player off Pitt's bench, Taylor is.

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