Matarazzo Gets Camp, Combine Invites

John Matarazzo earned all-conference honors for a second year in a row as New Castle's starting quarterback

John Matarazzo has already been New Castle's starting quarterback for two years. Now, the 6-3 gunslinger is taking some time to focus on basketball. Matarazzo has helped his team to second-place in its section so far this season, with a 14-6 record. Matarazzo is averaging eight rebounds a game as his team's center.

On the gridiron this past fall, Matarazzo threw for 1,700 yards in nine games, with nine touchdowns and four interceptions. In two years as a starter, Matarazzo has thrown just seven interceptions.

As for the college interest, it's there, but Matarazzo has had his mind on basketball for the time being.

"There's been a couple coaches coming into the school," Matarazzo said. "I don't know all of them all yet, but I know that there's been a couple schools that have come by.

"I really haven't talked to Pitt, or any coaches from Pitt since coach (David) Walker left. That had been the guy coming to the school to see me. I think that Penn State has been to the school, nobody from West Virginia."

Matarazzo did say he would take a visit to Pitt, just to get to meet the new staff.

"I'd definitely show interest if they reached out, or showed any type of interest," Matarazzo said. "That would definitely be a possibility."

A few camp invites have come in. Matarazzo knows for sure that he will be at Toledo's camp, and possibly a camp at Cincinnati. He'd also like to get back to Pitt's camp where he has been the last two years.

"I wanted to try to go to some smaller Division I school camps, or camps where other schools will be there—like a Pitt camp—where you have more chances to get seen by people." In addition to getting some summer camp dates set up, Matarazzo is already confirmed for the opening round of the Elite 11 passing camp that will be held at State College in April. Last year, Matarazzo competed at the one in Columbus, which is a preliminary camp for the national Elite 11 camp, held in California every summer.

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