Pitt Season 2011 Season Ticket Plan

A complete overview of Pitt's season ticket packages for the 2011 football season.

Thursday, members of the Pitt athletic department including athletic director Steve Pederson, associate athletic director for marketing Chris Ferris and director of ticket marketing Justin Acierno rolled out their plans and pricing for 2011 Pitt football season tickets.

Click here for a printable map of Heinz Field, with all the color-coded sections to see what section you're looking to renew, or start a season ticket plan with.

Specifically with the Panther Gold, Panther Blue and Panther Red, there is a donation level to the Panther Club attached to each of those levels. Even though the ticket prices are the same across the board, there is a $100 donation to the Panther Club per ticket for Panther Gold seats,$75 per ticket to the Panther Club for Panther Blue seats, and $50 to Panther Club for the Panther Red.

While seats stay the same price—on a per ticket per game basis for the Lower End Zone/Upper Sideline and Upper North End Zone seating—prices drop a little bit per game per ticket for both the Club and Lower/Upper Sideline levels.

"We take into consideration we have a lot of people we want to make the price very reasonable for them," athletic director Steve Pederson said. "In the end, on per game basis, with the exception of one area, flat, everything else the price is lower than what it was (in 2010)."


2010 49,013 52,165
2009 45,942 53,446
2008 41,875 49,352
2007 28,545 33,315


CLUB $325 $285 - $6.50
LOWER/UPPER SIDELINE $199 $159 - $1.50
UPPER NORTH END ZONE $116 $87 no change


Buffalo $30 $50
Maine $30 $50
Notre Dame $75 $95
Utah $35 $55
Cincinnati $35 $55
Syracuse $35 $55
South Florida $35 $55
UConn $35 $55

Judging by the total of each individual game ticket, if one were to buy an individual ticket for the entire season, a general admission ticket would cost roughly $310. For a non-club season-ticket (anything in the Lower/Upper Sideline) section, it would cost a total of $199 based on the plan, a savings of $111. In addition to that, those who purchase season tickets will get first dibs on additional individual tickets for all home games.

The first individual tickets for the home-opener against Buffalo on September 3 won't go on sale until August 27. That first sale will be online only from Saturday the 27th up to the 29th of August. On the 29th, fans will be able to purchase tickets over the phone.

"Until everybody has had a chance to buy a season ticket, we don't put the individual tickets on sale," Pederson added.

"The rest of (individual tickets after the opener) will go on sale September 4, the day after our first home game," Acierno said. "Through the renewal process, all season ticket holders have a chance to submit a request for single-game home tickets, away game tickets, BCS bowl game tickets."

One other added bonus for renewing season ticket holders is that they will be entitled to $10 off their total order (not per ticket) if they renew by April 12, which is also the deadline to renew their season ticket plans.

• Other perks for season-ticket holders will be an upcoming presentation from new head football coach Todd Graham at the Petersen Events Center on Sunday, March 6. Graham and his coaching staff will present a special overview that will focus on their system, and some of the things they like to run. It will be similar to the presentations they would give a prospective recruit. Admission is free for all season ticket holders. Invites will be sent in the near future. The event is expected to last from 2 to 4 pm.

• Pederson said the series with Notre Dame will continue for the "forseeable future" with at least six meetings expected on an annual basis, with a verbal agreement between him and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick that the series will continue on an annual basis for years to come.

"Jack Swarbrick and I said we don't see a time where we're not playing," Pederson added. "It's a consistent long-term series, and a great series."

• The Panthers have a formidable crop of Big East opponents coming in with Syracuse, South Florida, UConn and Cincinnati. Syracuse is coming off their best season since 2004, as well as a bowl victory. South Florida won the Meineke Car Care Bowl over Clemson, UConn advanced to the BCS, then there's Cincinnati, who topped Pitt in 2008 and 2009 to earn the conference's BCS bowl bid. An announcement on the dates of conference games could come as soon as next week.

"I hope we have something here very shortly," Pederson said in terms of a schedule. "The conference sent us notification the middle of next week they would have a pretty good handle on finishing this."

There's no indication that any of the conference games would get consideration for a nationally-televised game on a Thursday night, or anything to that effect—at least not at home. "Typically, they'll say, ‘How might this work if you play on a Thursday night,'" Pederson said. "We won't play on Friday night at home. We said that from the beginning that high school is too important here. We can't necessarily control that on the road. We have made it known that we would not play Friday nights in Pittsburgh.

• TCU's name came up in discussions. Pederson said the addition of the Horned Frogs is going to make it easier when filling in schedules in the future.

"I hope the including of TCU will make this a little bit easier now," Pederson added. "Trying to talk of a three-four (non-conference game total) always made it harder. I hope now it will make it a little easier for us to stay at a consistent seven (home) games."

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