Martinelli Planning Junior Days

Domenic Martinelli is a 6-4, 275-pound offensive lineman out of Montour High School.

Domenic Martinelli helped lead his Montour Spartans to an appearance in the WPIAL Championship game last season, and with 2,000-yard passes Dillon Buechel and 2,000-yard rusher Julian Durden all coming back for 2011, the Spartans appear to be a favorite to get back to that championship game again.

Buechel and Durden wouldn't have been able to put up the numbers they had without an interior lineman like Martinelli, who earned first-team all-conference and all-state honors as a junior. He earned all-section honors on defense as a sophomore, and now some schools are taking notes.

"I have a couple (junior) days set up," Martinelli said. "I'm going to go to Pitt, and I'm going to go to Virginia for their spring game. I might go to Maryland depending on what day it is. I think that's it for now until the (college) coaches start coming in."

Martinellli adds he would like to hear more from Pitt, and that he thinks things will be picking back up with the Panthers, now that the new staff is off and running with the Class of 2012.

"We hadn't really been hearing much, with the coaching situation," Martinelli said. "But, (the Montour coaches) have been starting to hear from them again. It's starting to pick back up.

"Whenever I was a sophomore, I went down for junior day. They haven't talked to us yet. They've been talking to our coaches. They had me and a couple other guys come down two or three times. I've been out to a practice. We've had a good relationship with them. They were kind of laying back, but they've been talking to our coach a lot."

Martinelli, in addition to working out with Montour's football team in preparation for the 2011 season, plays hockey as well. Currently, he has eight goals and seven assists.

"We should be done by mid-march," Martinelli said of hockey. "Basically, I just do it for fun. I practice (shooting) in my driveway, then we have practice twice a week."

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