Interest For Gant Increases

In the midst of a playoff run for his school's basketball team, Allen Gant is still able to turn his attention to recruiting when he needs to.

Allen Gant is a 6-2, 200-pound safety out of Sylvania (OH) Southview High School. As a junior this past season, Gant racked up 56 tackles, three interceptions, two fumble recoveries and six tackles for losses. He earned first-team all-league and all-district honors. He was a second-team all-state selection as well. On offense, he caught 21 passes for 400 yards and a touchdown.

Gant's focus for college is on offense. Right now, Gant is a member of Southview's basketball team, who is in the midst of a playoff run. Gant is averaging 15 points a game on the hardwood. His time spent on recruiting might be limited right now, but he finds a way to keep in touch with the college coaches.

"It kind of tough because obviously I'm a football player playing basketball," Gant said. "It's kind of challenging keeping my mind on the next opponent in basketball. With recruiting going on, that's the main thing I'm going to be playing (in college), so I'm able to keep my focus."

Gant also said the junior day invites have been coming in, and he feels good about finally getting to work one in.

"Actually, I've been to Toledo and Bowling Green," Gant said. "I'm going to Illinois this weekend (for junior day). I've been invited to Michigan State and Notre Dame. The Illinois one is big, one of the big schools that is looking at me, so I'm excited to be going there this weekend."

Michigan and Pittsburgh are a couple of other schools in the mix. Interestingly, both of those schools have gone through coaching changes, yet Gant has still been receiving some type of contact from both schools.

"Michigan, I just got to meet coach (Darrell) Funk," Gant said. I was supposed to go up there (Monday), but because of the weather, we had to reschedule for next week. Pittsburgh, I haven't really heard anything verbally, but they've been sending lots of letters, so that's good."

Gant expects things to pick up even more as recruiting goes on. However, once basketball ends, track will start up for Gant. Still, he figures he will find a way to balance everything out.

"Once track season is over, I'll focus back on football," Gant said. "I will be attending Ohio State's camp again. I'm probably going to Toledo's camp and to Michigan's camp."

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