Durden Gets Set For Junior Day

Though he's already been to Pitt a few times, and despite already establishing a good relationship with the new coaching staff, Julian Durden is excited again for another unofficial visit to Pitt.

Julian Durden just took an unofficial visit to Pitt last week, as he was there for the Pitt-West Virginia basketball game. He gets another taste of Big East basketball this Saturday, as he will watch Pitt take on Villanova. More importantly, though, he's looking forward to being there for junior day, and just being at Pitt again.

"I'm looking forward to getting to know the running backs coach (Calvin Magee)," Durden said. "I've talked to some of the other coaches, but I haven't spoken to the new running backs coach."

"Coach (Tony) Gibson is the one recruiting me. I know I have his card. I've talked to a lot of the assistant coaches, the quarterbacks coach, a little bit of everyone."

What he's looking for on this return visit, is to get a better idea of what the offense is going to entail. He doesn't think Pitt's offense will change too much this season—meaning there will still be a heavy emphasis on the run game. He expects a similar type of offense that he has with his high school team—which includes multiple formations. Last year, Montour quarterback Dillon Buechel threw for over 2,000 yards, while Durden was still able to rush for over 2,000 yards.

"It's been pretty nice," Durden said of his relationship with the Pitt coaches. "They're always nice to me. They're offense, I'm hoping they talk a little about the offense, but it's nothing different that Pitt didn't do (before). They like to establish the run and the pass. We do the same. It goes along with the Montour offense. Montour runs and throws out of every set. It's not going to be hard to adapt to a new offense (in college)."

It almost sounds like Durden can picture himself at Pitt. Is Pitt the leader at this point?

"It's a little bit early (to claim a favorite)," Durden said. "With (Ray) Graham in the backfield, it's going to be a different story when he works on without Dion Lewis." Pitt still stands as Durden's only offer, but he has received some interest from a number of other schools. He is hoping to get to a spring practice at Maryland and Cincinnati later in March or sometime in April.

"I've just been getting a lot of letters," Durden said. "I've been in contact with coach (Greg) Gattuso from Maryland. UConn has been sending me a lot of letters. Cincinnati has been sending me a lot. Those schools are still in there."

Durden was also recently invited to the Columbus, Ohio Nike Football Training Camp which will take place on May 21.

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