Gilbert Brown: Senior Day Q&A

Gilbert Brown has established career-highs in points, three-pointers, three-point percentage, free throw percentage and assists. More importantly, he's part of a senior class that has the potential to finish with the most career-wins and have the highest career winning percentage.

Though Gilbert Brown will have a few games following this final home game at the Petersen Events Center--that didn't prevent him on reflecting on some of the highlights of career, heading into senior day.

Have you had time to reflect on your last game at the Pete?
"I feel like I try to avoid it. You try to just sit there and think, 'It's never going to come to an end,' but it really is this Saturday."

"Just sitting back, and thinking of all the memories, just not and even the times we talked about it on the bus, it's been a lot. We came so far as players, and as people. It's crazy to look back and see when you're 18 or 19, coming in as a freshman, 20, 21, 22, 23. It's just a lot. It's a lot to grasp. You just cherish this moment of college. We're going to the real world now."

Was Pitt the right choice?
"It was a great choice, a great experience."

What do you three seniors talk about?
"Maybe practice moments with Coach (Dixon), and things we may have done, or things that happened during our freshman year. Just small things that forever will last in our memoires, those are the things that we'll cherish. The things about college that a lot of people will never forget, those memories right there really makes you the person that you are."

"What's your craziest Jamie Dixon story?
"I don't know what to say. I really can't think of any. Coach is an intense guy. He says some wild things sometimes."

What was it that sold you on Pitt?
"I think West Virginia would hate me for saying this. I remember, I (committed) before I took any official visits. I committed my junior year. I took a visit to Pitt. I visited a couple other schools like Georgetown and Maryland, unofficial."

"I went down to West Virginia, and I really didn't want to go (on the visit). My mom really wanted me to visit, and I was like, ‘Mom, I really want to go to Pitt.' I want to come back home because I was away (from Harrisburg at South Kent Prep in Connecticut) for five years, and I felt it was a comfortable fit. It was a great school, great program, and they had a great tradition. It seemed like they were on the rise of becoming an even better program. That really played into my decision."

"I was happy. The day after my unofficial visit to West Virginia, I committed to Pittsburgh. I think the campus threw me off, West Virginia's. It was just different. I think I liked Pittsburgh's city-type atmosphere. Oakland is mixed in with everything; the shuttle system. West Virginia was in the middle of the country. I spent five years in the middle of nowhere in prep schools and three years in Connecticut where there was only 400 people in our town. I was ready to get out of that type of environment."

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