Senior Day Q&A: Brad Wanamaker

Brad Wanamaker will wrap up his Pitt career as one of two Pitt players with 1,000 points, 500 rebounds and 400 assists in his career. Heading into senior day, Wanamaker took time to reflect on making his decision to play at Pitt.

Brad Wanamaker flew under the radar during his recruitment. By the time he blew up on the recruiting scene, he remained committed to Pitt. Despite being under the radar, Wanamaker is in excellent position to earn All-Big East honors, and possibly make a run for Player of the Year.

Was it the right decision coming to Pitt?
"Yeah, without a doubt. It's the best decision I made in my life, coming here to Pittsburgh and growing as a person. Playing with Gary (McGhee) and Gil (Brown), I couldn't ask for a better situation."

What makes playing at Pitt so special?
"Just going out there with Pitt across your chest, winning games, playing for a coach like Coach Dixon, and having a great coaching staff. The family, which we call each other as a team, and the people that's involved with us."

What sold it for you coming out of high school?
"Not too far from home. Winning program. As I came on my visit, it's a great group of guys who treated me well on my visit; some guys I wanted to pin myself around."

What other schools did you talk to?
"Some local schools like Temple and Villanova, some other Big East Schools, A-10 schools, but Pitt was the best spot for me."

What was the final thing that pushed Pitt over the top?
"Playing in the Big East conference and being successful year-in and year-out."

Is it special playing against Villanova on Senior Day?
"Yeah. I grew up a fan of Villanova basketball. For me to go out in my career, playing against them is great. Coach Jay Wright and I have a pretty good relationship, and I have a former teammate who plays for them in Maalik Wayns."

Jay Wright saying he missed the boat on Wanamaker and lost. What did he mean by that?
"My junior year, I committed to Pitt. I guess that's what he means by missing the boat. Villanova is a great school, and a great option for me, but I feel as though Pitt was the better fit for me."

So, Villanova backed off after you committed to Pitt in your junior year?

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