Senior Day Q&A: Gary McGhee

Gary McGhee had huge shoes to fill after DeJuan Blair declared for the NBA. Since Blair left, the Panthers have gone a combined 51-13 since then.

Also, over the last two years, Gary McGhee participated in the LeBron James Skills Academy--a select opportunity for college players. He is also in contention for Big East Defensive Player of the Year.

What can you reflect on your time at Pitt?
"It's been a great time for me here at Pitt. It's been a great four years. I feel like I made a great decision coming here. It's going to be a great day. Hopefullly , we get this win at South Florida, and close out the championship on Senior night. That would be really special.

What is it about this program that makes it so special?
"It's that we're family; a bunch of guys that work hard, maybe not as many superstars. We have guys that work hard on game day."

Any memorable games or other memories that stand out?
"My favorite game was probably the (2010) West Virginia, (triple) overtime game, a great game that I'll always remember."

What clinched your decision to attend Pitt?
"Just how everyone worked as a family. Everyone was together. Everyone seemed to like each other. It made me feel like I would fit right in. That was the one thing that put me over the edge."

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