Coleman Close To Pulling Trigger On Visit

Jaylen Coleman has Pitt as one of his offers. Though he wants more time to decide, and a few more looks at some schools, a commitment to Pitt is not too far out of the realm.

Jaylen Coleman was one of the 40 juniors on Pitt's campus this past weekend, and he had a better chance to get to know some of the Pitt coaches.

"I had a blast down there," Coleman said. "They make me feel real comfortable. Right now, they're number one. Coach (Tony) Gibson was there, and Coach (Keith) Patterson wanted me to come over and have lunch with him. All the coaches came over, telling me, ‘Hopefully we see you in blue and gold.' Coach Patterson gave me a tour of the facility."

After that, all the juniors in attendance broke up into two groups for a positional meeting of sorts—offense and defense.

"That's when Coach Patterson gave a lecture to the defensive side, and Coach (Calvin) Magee gave a lecture to the offensive side. After that, Coach Graham had everyone go to their position coach."

After meeting with their respective position coach—in Coleman's case, it was Patterson—Coleman was pulled aside to meet individually with head coach Todd Graham.

"I spent about 15 or 20 minutes with Coach Graham," Coleman said. "He was saying he wants me to be the first of the 2012 class to sign."

Was it tempting?

"They wanted me to commit right there," Coleman said. "It felt real comfortable, it felt like I was at home. I told coach Graham in my head, and my heart, I wanted to commit. That was it right there, but I want to hold on."

It's still possible Coleman could be an early commit. The only thing he wants to see is an upcoming visit to Wisconsin for their spring game. Wisconsin has told him all along they would offer him when he comes to campus. He feels if and when that Badger offer comes, he can then go back and compare it to his Pitt offer. A decision after that might not be too far off. Lindsey had a chance to put a Pitt helmet on, and he even saw a jersey with his number 35 on it.

"I was tempted," Coleman said. "I put the helmet on. Coach Graham was standing, looking at me, saying, ‘I'm about to shine right now.'"

In addition to have a close rapport with the coaches, Coleman has also picked up a good relationship with four-star linebacker Deaysean Rippy, who was also in attendance on Saturday.

"They wanted me and Rippy to sit next to each other," Coleman said. "I know Deaysean real well. I went to a few camps with him. It was real good. Coach Patterson was there talking to us, saying, ‘This could be you.' He was saying they're going to get me to sign with the Panthers."

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