Baldwin Runs Routes For Good Measure

Feeling good about his performance at Indianapolis, former Pitt receiver Jon Baldwin just wanted to showcase his route-running abilities one more time.

"Just run precise routes, which I did, just catch all my balls, which I did," Baldwin said, referring to his objectives about Pitt Pro Day.

Looking back to when he declared for the NFL Draft, Jon Baldwin says he got the right feedback about making the initial decision to come out early. He had the support of his family and former Pitt head coach Dave Wannstedt, but it was the feedback he got after he petitioned the NFL Draft committee.

"It was a first-round grade," Baldwin said. "I got the grade, so I based it off the grade. That's why I petitioned the committee. Speaking to coach Wannstedt, my family, and I petitioned the (NFL Draft) committee. Coach Wannstedt told me it would be good for me to come out."

Baldwin reiterated that while his first-round grade was a pretty important factor, his initial talk with Wannstedt that got things rolling.

"That's why I talked to him," Baldwin said. "I talked to him first."

At the NFL Scouting Combine last month, Baldwin was in the 4.5 range in his 40 time. He came away pretty pleased with that, really not feeling the need to run another 40 at the Pitt Pro Day earlier this week. He only wanted to showcase his routes one more time.

"(The 40 time) wasn't an issue at all," Baldwin said. "I don't know (if size overrode that). It just wasn't an issue at all. Ball skills, catching ability, I improved my route-running a great deal. Those things; hard working, do everything it takes to be the best. I felt pretty good about everything. Just run good routes, that's all; catch all my balls."

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