Hynoski Looks To Hold Extra Workouts

Despite not getting a chance to perform at Pitt's Pro Day, Henry Hynoski is planning some individual workouts, and is still meeting with several NFL teams.

Henry Hynoski is still not 100% from his pulled hamstring at the NFL Scouting Combine last month, but that doesn't mean his NFL opportunities have slowed down. He is expected to hold a few individual workouts, and he's got a few teams that are interested in bringing him in for a visit. He did measure in at 6-1, 255.

"I didn't do anything as far as drills, or anything like that because I pulled my hamstring in that first 40 run at the (NFL) combine," Hynoski said. "It feels good, but it's not quite 100 percent. When it's not 100 percent, it's still vulnerable to reinjury, so everybody said just take time and let it heal, and that I'll make myself available at the end of March for teams that want to come in and work me out."

A lot of the encouragement to hold off, and wait for the hamstring to heal, came from NFL teams.

"A lot of people have talked about it," Hynoski added. "I have guys coming in next week, just to throw (the ball) at me, another drill to see me catch the ball. I would think (at the UPMC indoor facility), somewhere. I'll have to set it up, and coordinate it with (Pitt) spring practice."

Aside from being advised not to run at the Pitt Pro Day, he did meet in person with some of the NFL team representatives who were in attendance.

"At the combine, I talked to every team but three teams," Hynoski said. "At Pro Day, I had a couple of private meetings in a private room, just talk like they would do at the combine."

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