Lewis Talks Pitt Pro Day

After being invited to the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Dion Lewis just wanted one more performance in front of the NFL scouts.

One of the questions about Dion Lewis when he went to the NFL Scouting Combine was his height. Lewis was listed at 5-8 on the Pitt roster this past year. When he measured in at the Pitt Pro Day, he checked in at 5-6 and 7/8.

"I got a little bit taller from the combine," Lewis joked. "I weighed in at 194. I was 193 at the combine. I was 5-6 and 5/8, so I got a little bit taller since then. I'm hoping I can get taller like that every two weeks. I'll take it."

Lewis came away with a 40 time in the high 4.4s, which pleased him. He used pro day to showcase what he could do catching the ball out of the backfield.

"I wanted to run faster at the combine, I didn't run as fast as I wanted to," Lewis said. "Here, I did well, so I'm pretty happy."

Lewis finished third on the team with 27 receptions in 2010, but he felt he could showcase his abilities catching the ball out of the backfield a little differently at the Pro Day.

"I had no designed routes," Lewis said. "Obviously, that's not a question coming in, but I quieted it down during the combine. That was probably the biggest thing, showing I could catch the ball."

In addition to that, he did a series of agility drills to showcase his footwork, and how well he can cut. He also tested himself out as a returner, giving himself some more marketability.

"More quick decisions, more cuts, just making the cut, just making the right decision at the combine," Lewis said of the agility drills. "It's a little bit the same at pro day. It's different drills. I did real well, just having the instincts and being able to do that stuff."

Lewis also said he felt like he got the proper feedback that allowed him to make the decision to become pro after just two years of college football. He has no regrets, and is excited to see what Pitt can do next year.

"I was happy with the feedback that I got," Lewis said. "I felt that it was a good decision to make then. The feedback I got, I felt like I could help myself with some things, and some things I can do. I made my decision, I'm happy with it. I feel it is the best decision."

"Everyone is hyped up (about Pitt). They're all ready for spring ball. Everybody likes the new coach. I'm ready to see them tear it up next year."

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