Alt Recaps Pitt Visit

Tyler Alt is off taking his junior day visits, and he recently took one to Pitt. Though he's been there many times, this one gave him a chance to get to know the new coaching staff.

There is a little change for Greensburg Central Catholic lineman Tyler Alt. Alt has played guard and tackle in his career. He will move to center for his senior year. He will also be recruited as a center as well, with Pitt one of the schools interested in having him at that position.

He had a chance to spend some time with offensive line coach Spencer Leftwich at the Pitt junior day two weeks ago.

"Coach Leftwich rounded up the linemen, and took us on a presentation," Alt said. "He explained what they do in all those(meeting) rooms, and what their values are. He wanted the lifting coach (Shawn Griswold) to come out, and talk about they're doing in the weight room."

One of the things that stuck out with Alt, was observing this new fast-pace, no-huddle system that Todd Graham wants Pitt to run. Alt learned from Leftwich, that it all starts with the linemen up front.

"Coach Leftwich said in their offense, the skill guys get all fancy," Alt said. "But, the linemen make the offense work. They plow the way for the little guys."

After Leftwich gave the linemen his presentation, Alt had a chance to listen to head coach Todd Graham's presentation. He said he took a lot from that.

"He's real energized, real energetic," Alt said. "I liked him. I liked what he had to say. The new offense they're running, it's spread, it's no-huddle. He knows the kind of players they're looking for to fill those positions.

"Then, we went back to coach Leftwich. We watched video of different blocks they do, and other stuff they did at Tulsa; basically what the linemen do in their offense. I liked coach Leftwich. He seems real honest. I liked him."

Alt says the coaching staff has been impressed with his junior highlight video. They would also like him to come back to campus a few more times. In addition to coming back for a spring practice, and possibly for the spring game, Alt may also camp at Pitt again this summer. He also has upcoming unofficial visits in to Purdue and Indiana.

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