Keeping tabs on Cleveland-Glenville's Ted Ginn

Cleveland (OH) Glenville's Ted Ginn will be one of the top cornerback prospects for the class of 2004. He is blessed with very good size (6-foot-1, 170 pounds) and outstanding speed (4.29). As a junior he recorded 42 tackles and 10 interceptions.

Pitt Insiders caught up with Ted tonight to get the latest on his recruitment.

Q: What makes you stand out as a cornerback?
My size, my ability to move my hips, and speed.

Q: What are you looking for in a school?
I'm looking for someplace that I can feel comfortable. I'm not too worried about playing early. I'll work hard and be patient.

Q: Did you have a favorite team growing up, or a favorite player?
I really didn't have a favorite team growing up but my favorite player was Charles Woodson.

Q: Who are some of the teams that have offered you?
Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Michigan, Wisconsin, Miami, and Iowa.

Q: What teams do you like?
Ginn: Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Michigan, Wisconsin, USC, and Miami.

Q: What do you like about Pitt?
I liked their coaches and the atmosphere there, when I went there on junior day.

Q: Are you going to attend any camps this year?
The Penn State Nike camp.

Dave Peters

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