Anderson At Pitt Spring Practice

Kent (OH) Roosevelt offensive lineman added another unofficial visit to Pitt to the list, this time checking out a spring practice this past Saturday.

Already having attended Pitt's junior day earlier this month, as well as taking in a couple of Pitt games last fall, Kent (OH) Roosevelt offensive lineman Ryan Anderson got another perspective on Pitt; this time a spring practice.

Some of the things that impressed Anderson this time around were the tempo of the practice and the level of seriousness the Pitt coaching staff uses in its spring football routine.

"It's different from regular practice," Anderson observed. "They kind of told me that was the (tempo) they practice, and I was amazed at. It was kind of fast, but they definitely they use their time wisely."

During the scrimmage, the offensive players in blue jerseys are on one side of the field, with the defensive players in white jerseys on the others. Coaches even put the headsets on to help simulate the game-like atmosphere.

"I haven't been to many practices, but this is different," Anderson said. "It shows me the coaches are wanting practice to be as much of a game situation, as much as possible. If they're up there calling plays up in the rafters, and it's going to be the same way in the game, then you have to do it that way. You have to have coaches coaching you up."

Anderson also had a chance to see how offensive line coach Spencer Leftwich runs things, in addition to the type of drills he runs.

"I think the offensive line is built to run the ball," Anderson said. "When I watched the o-line in their meeting room, watching film, (Leftwich) definitely has a good coaching mentality getting his point across. I liked being around watching what different coaches did, what type of drills they did."

Anderson also had a chance to talk with head coach Todd Graham after the practice, for a good amount of time. It left him with a pretty good impression.

"Yeah, I talked to (Graham) after the scrimmage for awhile, we had a chance to sit down," Anderson said. "From the conversation, I'd say I'm highly interested in Pittsburgh."

Up next for Anderson is an unofficial visit to West Virginia next weekend. There's also a possibility Anderson could get back to Pitt for their spring game on April 16.

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