Rugg Taking A Look At Pitt

Zachary Rugg was recruited by the previous Pitt coaching staff, and is starting to hear a lot from Todd Graham's staff as well.

It was a busy weekend this past weekend for Bishop McCort (PA) offensive lineman Zachary Rugg. He came to Pittsburgh for a Pitt spring practice on Saturday, then was one of 800 participants at the Nike Combine on Sunday morning.

Rugg had already been to a Pitt game this fall. Saturday was his first opportunity to see Todd Graham and his new staff in action, running a Pitt practice.

"It looks like it's heading in a new direction," Rugg said. "Coach Graham and his new coaching staff are trying to implement game-like situations in practice, which he's thinking will benefit in the fall."

Rugg paid close attention to how offensive line coach Spencer Leftwich worked with the offensive line, both in their drills and in the live scrimmage.

"(Leftwich) definitely knows what he's doing," Rugg said. "He can make any player better. He wants to make you the best player you can be. This coaching staff is very passionate in what they do. It's very inspiring."

Overall, though, Rugg good a very good impression of the tempo at which the coaching staff likes to operate.

"Coach Graham is bringing in a high-power offense with a little bit of no-huddle," Rugg said. "He's always getting the players moving, doing something. I kind of expected that to happen. There's ways to always keep the practice moving. The players are trying to understand and get to know Coach Graham's system and terminology. I'd say they're picking it up pretty well."

Rugg has already been invited back for a prospect camp this summer. The staff wants to see how well he will do there, to help them determine whether or not they will offer. Rugg is also planning visits to Maryland, West Virginia, Rutgers, Penn State, Buffalo and Villanova.

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