Pitt In The Mix With Bradley

Bam Bradley talks about the number of schools recruiting him. His brother Nicholas Grigsby signed a letter of intent to be a part of Pitt's 2011 recruiting class. Bradley also talked about why Pitt is a school that he is going to take a look at.

There's a number of schools recruiting Trotwood Madison (OH) safety Bam Bradley. He has only been able to make it out for one spring practice so far, to Cincinnati, which is closest to his home.

Though he can't recall all of the schools that have offered, the 6-1, 200-pound Bradley is able to recite a good number of them when asked on the spot.

"Stanford, Northwestern, Tennessee, Michigan State, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Kentucky, Penn State, Syracuse," Bradley recited. "That's all I can think of, for now."

Bradley's brother Nicholas Grigsby signed on as a member of Pitt's 2011 recruiting class. Though he hasn't had any direct contact with the coaching staff, Pitt is already a school Bradley would like to consider.

"I already know they're looking at bringing me in next year," Bradley said. "(Tight ends) coach (Tony) Dews talked to my mom. He can't really talk to me yet. Whenever he gets a chance, he'll be calling me and telling me what their interest is, and to see what I'm interested in."

Bradley said having his brother at Pitt doesn't instantly guarantee that he too will be a Panther, but he feels it does add some intrigue in considering Pittsburgh.

"Yeah, it definitely will be (a factor)," Bradley said. "We've always played well together. We grew up playing together. Me and my family would really like it. But, I'm not just going to say I'm going there. I'm going to look at other schools. If I find something like, that's basically what I want it to come down to—what's the best fit for me."

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