Bisnowaty Checks Out Pitt, Penn State

Adam Bisnowaty has attracted interest from several schools, but says everything is wide open.

Adam Bisnowaty has picked up seven offers from Connecticut, Michigan State, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Virginia and West Virginia. Most recently, the 6-6, 275-pound offensive lineman was at in-state schools Pitt and Penn State to just get a look around. There's still others he'd like to get a look at, with spring break coming up.

"I was able to get to Pitt and Penn State, that's all, and West Virginia's junior day," Bisnowaty said. "Other than that, I have spring break coming up. I'm going to Maryland, Virginia and Virginia Tech."

Bisnowaty was at the Pitt-West Virginia game in November. He was also at a Pitt basketball game back in January, and was at one of Pitt's spring practices. At the spring practice, he got a better idea of how offensive line coach Spencer Leftwich likes to run things.

"It's going well (with Pitt), me and coach Leftwich get along pretty well," Bisnowaty said. "I got to meet all the coaches. It's really exciting. They have some good things going for them. I'm seeing what they'll be doing this season, and I think they have a chance to succeed. I just wanted to see what they've been doing."

"I like everything (Leftwich) does. First, he starts off with pads and no helmet. Then, he speeds it up. I sat in on a meeting. He's real serious, but he can joke around. I like that factor. He can take a joke once in awhile, I like that."

Bisnowaty was also impressed with the tempo of the Pitt practice.

"It was pretty exciting, a lot faster than what I've seen so far," Bisnowaty said. "The pace, that's what they're going to be running. I think I like that a lot."

Overall, Pitt is school he will take in serious consideration. He may get to one more spring practice, and possibly to the spring game next Saturday.

"I like it so far, it's always been a school up there," Bisnowaty said. "When I was a kid, it was my dream school, but I want to look at see what everyone else has to offer. I just want to see what's the best option out there for me."

Bisnowaty also took a trip up to Penn State, where former Fox Chapel teammate Miles Dieffenbach plays on the offensive line.

"Penn State, I went to a recent junior day," Bisnowaty said. "I stayed over with Miles, and decided to check out the campus life of Penn State. I enjoyed that too. I just want to make sure I see everything before I make a decision. There's no standouts. Everyone is number one in my mind."

In addition to checking out Maryland, Virginia and Virginia Tech on his spring break, Bisnowaty would also like to get to Michigan State and Purdue this summer.

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