Mamula Taking Visits

Since Niko Mamula lives in Pittsburgh, he hears all the time about Pitt's new fast-pace, no-huddle approach on offense. When he saw the offense in person for the first time during a recent practice visit, the speed on the field exceeded what he had in mind.

Niko Mamula can play anywhere. As he gets set for the upcoming season, he is being counted on to play all three of the offensive line positions at Chartiers Valley High School. As a result of his versatility, he is mapping out a few spring visits.

"Things are going pretty good, school-wise," Mamula said. "Next weekend, I'm going down to Temple or N.C. State. I was invited to UConn, but didn't go to that (junior day)."

Mamula was at Pittsburgh last week to watch the Panthers. He had taken a couple of unofficial visits in the fall for some of the Pitt home games. He compared what he saw then, to what he saw this week. The difference in tempo was also different.

"I thought (the tempo) was different from what I was picturing," Mamula said. "It's a lot different atmosphere, a lot more excitement with the players. Coach Graham was really cool. I liked him a lot. I thought it was a different atmosphere compared to (the fall)."

As an offensive lineman, Mamula spent quite a bit of time watching the Panthers run their inside run drill. After watching a few different drills, his focus was still on the fast-paced environment.

"When they're doing the team offense towards the end, the last few periods, they were moving in and out," Mamula said. "They rarely huddle unless they're (switching) first and second team. It's all no-huddle, all hustling back to the line, full speed, all fast tempo. I was talking to coach (Bob) Junko after. He was talking about coach Graham, and how he doesn't think the team is going as fast as he would like. He needs the team to be in shape the way he wants. The tempo was fast."

Mamula got a tour of the facilities while he was there, and also met with the head coaches, including head coach Todd Graham.

"I talked to some of the other coaches, (tight ends) coach (Tony) Dews, he was funny," Mamula said. "Then, I talked to coach Graham for a little bit, then coach Junko."

Mamula isn't sure if he'll get back to Pitt for the spring game on April 16, but he is already setting up his camp schedule.

"I'm definitely doing the Pitt camp and probably going to do Penn State's camp," Mamula said. "Then, I'm going to do two or three different areas; one north, one south, one out west, just to spread it out."

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