Coles Updates Recruitment

Trenton Coles received one of the first verbal offers from Pitt in the fall. The new coaching staff continues to honor that offer. While he's looking to keep an open mind through the recruiting process, Coles has a pretty good impression of Pitt.

Running from place to place is a typical day in the life of Clairton (PA) receiver Trenton Coles. Coles already has an offer from Pitt, but it's been conflicts from other sports that have prevented Coles in getting a chance to see one of Pitt's practices—something he's placing a priority on right now, with just a week left in spring practice for the Panthers.

Coles was at Pitt's junior day last month, and he rushed to make it on time for the first day of the NLA 7-on-7 team tournament held in Pittsburgh this past weekend. Prior to the 7-on-7, Coles captured three first-place events at the Monessen Track Invitational, including a time of 10.8 in the 100-meter run and a time of 21.7 in the 200-meter.

Typically, junior day is over the course of an afternoon. Coles, despite having a conflict, still made the junior day—yet even feels a sense of guilt for having to miss part of it.

"I had something I was at the day before, so I could only make it to the basketball game," Coles said—even though that is the case for most of the recruits who do attend junior day.

"I talked to every coach while I was there, though," Coles added.

Coles was offered by the previous Pitt coaching staff, and his offer was one of the first 2012 verbal offers that Todd Graham's staff honored. Pitt is still Coles' only offer, and he has been to Pitt many times including a few games in 2010, in addition to last month's junior day. Still, he senses a strong desire to get back this coming week.

"I like Pitt a lot," Coles said. "I haven't had a chance to come and watch practice, or anything like that, but I know they're running the spread offense now. I talked to (receivers) coach Mike (Norvell) a lot. I just have to get down to their practice. I'm coming to Pitt Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. One of the days, I just have to come to Pitt. I have to call (Norvell).

With Pitt his only offer, Coles has also heard some from Maryland, West Virginia and Penn State. He expects to visit those schools at some point as well.

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