Nesbit Tries Linebacker

Joell Nesbit is a running back at Pittsburgh (PA) Brashear High School. Recently, he's been testing out linebacker as a possible position at the next level.

Pittsburgh (PA) Brashear running back Joell Nesbit has had a chance to test the waters at linebacker. Nesbit participated at the Badger Sports New Level Athletics 7-on-7 this past weekend, and spent the bulk of his time at linebacker. The 6-0, 207-pound junior has gained some good weight, while not losing any of his quickness.

"(7-on-7) really helped me for outside linebacker," Nesbit said. "I think it is, because I'm really starting to like linebacker. I think that's where I'm going to start focusing on. It helped me with my drop, and my covering and all that. It really helped me out. I think this is going to give me an advantage on other teams when the season comes."

Nesbit has been at junior days at Pitt and Toledo, and is getting ready to take a few more unofficial visits with his team.

"On Friday, me and my team is going to go visit Toledo, Pitt, a whole bunch of schools that are (close), Michigan and other schools," Nesbit added. "Something might happen there."

Nesbit has also been to Pitt for a spring practice. Between that and the junior day, he's developed a pretty good rapport with the new Pitt coaching staff.

"I talk to them usually when I see them," Nesbit said of the Pitt coaches. "I was down here on junior day, and it was kind of all right. I saw the spread offense, and all that, so it was something different.

"I came to their practice too. Last week, I came to their practice. Practice was nice. I didn't even know (Dion Lewis) went to the NFL Combine. I guess (Ray) Graham is taking over. They're looking nice out there with that spread offense, the no-huddle and all that. I like that."

Well, practice, we only get three practices before this, and it was every Sunday from like 2-4 or 4:30. It was good. We'll get used to the defense, get used to the offense. It helps, and it brings the team together too.

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