Kentucky Quarterback Has Pitt Interest

Benjamin Lawler is a 6-3, 190-pound quarterback out of Scott County High School.

Benjamin Lawler was in Pittsburgh recently for the Badger Sports New Level Athletics 7-on-7 tournament. Though Lawler was initially there for the tournament, he decided to get a tour of Pitt's facilities while he was there. Shortly into the tour, he had an impromptu meeting with Pitt quarterbacks coach Todd Dodge.

"When we went up for the tour, (Dodge) pulled me out of the group," Lawler said. "I figured I'm going to take him up on that. I got to sit in the (quarterback meeting) room, and we ended up talking for 30 minutes."

During the meeting with Dodge, he gained an even better perspective on Pitt, but more specifically what Dodge is looking for when he recruits a quarterback.

"He seemed like a very personal coach, he doesn't let players sit back, he wants to involved in their personal life," Lawler said. "You're going to be with him more than with anyone else for your entire college career. I like having that personal connection. I like that in a coach. He definitely seemed like that type of coach."

Lawler also got a pretty good perspective of Pitt's offense. His perspective came strictly from meeting with Dodge, and not watching Pitt's practice.

"I love the offense that they're putting together," Lawler said. "It's very fast-pace. They want to take more snaps than any other team in the NCAA. It keeps you excited about playing. If you're watching a game that has 50 to 75 snaps, you can get bored. It seems like it takes for forever. The fast-pace, (the game) goes by quickly. As a quarterback, you have to make a decision. I love the challenge of it. The more decisions, the better."

Lawler did finish out the tour, and was blown away by Pitt's facilities.

"The facilities were gorgeous," Lawler said. "They had a couple of different practice facilities; two grass facilities, the turf. You're not on the same every day."

He also said that Dodge would be coming by to see him at school. Lawler gained an insight of what Dodge does when he's out on the road recruiting, and what he's looking for.

"He said some time in May, he's going to come down and talk to (Scott County head) coach (Jim) McKee, he was going to talk to my counselor, my principal, talk to people I wouldn't expect," Lawler said. "He's going to ask if I'm polite, every day stuff, how I'm going through the lunch line. He's going to talk to coach McKee about me as an athlete and how I handle myself on the field."

Lawler is planning to get back to Pitt for its prospect camp in June, and will also be at the Nike Football Training Camp in Columbus next month.

"As of right now, I'm definitely going to Indiana, Pitt, Toledo, Georgia, Miami of Ohio and Western Kentucky," Lawler said. "If there's any others, we'll find a spot for them. Those are all the colleges that asked me to come up."

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