Lewis Talks Recruiting

Wyoming Valley West (PA) receiver Eugene Lewis has offers from all over, but talks about the latest with in-state schools Pitt and Penn State.

Eugene Lewis was part of a very talented group of receivers at this past weekend's Nike Camp in State College. Lewis put in a strong performance in one of the few combines that he has been at. He looked comfortable enough as if he had done this many times before.

That comfort level can be more attributed to the fact Lewis had the ball in his hands almost every play this past season at Wyoming Valley West at quarterback, throwing or running. Lewis did play receiver as a sophomore.

"I don't go to too many camps, so when I come to them, I'm just looking to see who's all out here," Lewis said. "I'm comfortable. I have some good confidence. Coming out here with these guys, it's a real good experience.

"It was a great event to come to. It was my first time being here. The wide receivers and DBs here are great guys, good competition."

Wisconsin is Lewis' most recent offer. In-state schools such as Pitt and Penn State are among his many offers, and just two of the schools that have been in on him the longest. Despite the heavy interest, Lewis has a humble approach on the whole recruiting aspect.

"It's going great, I'm just taking the whole situation slow," Lewis added. "I hear from Penn State a lot. I haven't heard too much from Pittsburgh in awhile, since they got a new coaching staff. I talked to one coach, (receivers) coach (Mike) Norvell, but that's pretty much all that I've talked to from Pittsburgh. He hasn't come by (the school). I talked to him on the phone once or twice, but that's about it."

Official visits, and even unofficial summer visits are on the agenda, but Lewis hasn't set up anything definite. Pitt could be in the mix for a summer visit, or even another unofficial visit in the fall. Last year, Lewis attended the Pitt-West Virginia game and also went to Penn State for a game.

"There's a possibility (of going back to Pitt), definitely," Lewis said.

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