Jarrett Shows His Stuff

Pitt was the first school to offer Pittsburgh (PA) Allderdice defensive tackle Tyrique Jarrett, and is in a good spot with him in his early recruiting process.

Tyrique Jarrett is a 6-4, 315-pound defensive tackle out of Pittsburgh (PA) Allderdice. Pitt has picked up some momentum recently in the City League with an offer out to linebacker Jaylen Coleman out of Peabody, and was the first to offer Jarrett. The Panthers also added receiver Ed Tinker out of Brashear a couple of years ago, who will be in the mix at receiver this year.

Pitt is still Jarrett's only offer, and he recently performed pretty well at the Penn State Nike Camp—his first-ever combine.

"Yeah, it was good as expected," Jarrett said. "It was my first time going to a combine like that. It was easier than I expected. I thought it would be much harder. I enjoyed it a lot."

Though he prepared himself to face the toughest competition possible, he felt that playing in the City League prepared him well enough to do good in his first-ever combine, but also allows him to come back and compete even stronger for his team this coming season.

"I actually went in there and felt like I had to prove something," Jarrett added. "It was my first time, and everyone else was talking about how they went to other ones. I was kind of nervous, but just went all out."

Jarrett picked up a lot of drills from the camp that he hopes to add to his game.

"That's why I liked it the most," Jarrett said. "We had to do the moves they showed us, then demonstrate the moves; swim moves and rips. You had the quarterback fumble (drill), just hitting the arm. That was my favorite."

Pitt was the first school to offer Jarrett, and he is very impressed with the Panthers. He went down for a spring practice, where he had a chance to meet defensive line coach Paul Randolph. The fact that Jarrett grew up a Pitt fan, combined with his first impression of Randolph, makes the Panthers a favorite.

"My coach has talked to them a lot," Jarrett said. "I grew up a Pitt fan. It was always close (to home). I'm always talking about Pitt. Their coaches, I like the way they play. When I met (Randolph), he was very nice. He told me they're a Christian-based football team. It made me look at it like that. They try not to cuss at their players, or use profanity. When they need to do something, they need to be good. That put a smile on my face. That's good."

In addition to Pitt, a number of other schools have been in to talk with his coaches at Allderdice.

"Cincinnati just came through (Tuesday)," Jarret said. "No (new) offers, but they came through to talk to my coach. It was like that. They watched my highlight tape, and want to stay in touch. Boston College, Penn State came to the school. Akron came, Northwestern; they came. Eastern Michigan came."

Jarrett expects to be at Pitt's prospect camp this summer. He will also head to Toledo's Big Man Challenge.

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